About The Author:

Nathan Rose is an international bestselling author with a passion for startups, alternative finance, and borderless living. He has also written “Equity Crowdfunding“, and is currently working on the upcoming “Citizens of the World“.

 The Crypto Intro – The No. 1 New Release

The new digial assets for instant, global value transfer.

Borderless. Universal access. Free from gatekeepers, central authorities and middlemen.

Anyone with an interest in technology and their own financial future needs to understand this new age of cryptocurrency and cryptoassets.

The Crypto Intro is your ultimate guide to understanding and using crypto.

No prior knowledge assumed.

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  • Why crypto matters: the problems that crypto solves
  • How blockchain technology works
  • How to sign up to an exchange, fund your account, and start trading
  • What drives the price of crypto up or down
  • How to send and receive payments
  • All about Bitcoin mining
  • How to keep your crypto secure with hardware wallets
  • Explanations of key terms, such as “private key”, “fork” and “ICO”

Once you have read The Crypto Intro, you will be fully equipped to join the crypto revolution.

You will be mastering Bitcoin in no time!

Taylor Pearson

Author of The End of Jobs

“Public blockchains and crypto will be as important of a technology over the next twenty-five years as the Internet was over the last twenty-five. Nathan’s book offers a clear explanation for the non-technical reader of not just why, but how to get on board.”

Phil Champagne

Author of The Book of Satoshi

“As a very effective introduction, The Crypto Intro covers the prior and current financial landscape, the good and the bad, as well as the social groups that influence this new technology. It covers wallets, how to acquire cryptos, the different methods to keep them safe, all while educating the reader with the new set of terms.”

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