Synopsis: How do you actually learn cryptocurrency? It’s easy to become overwhelmed, because the information seems to be so fragmented. So, this ultimate guide to cryptocurrency education comes to the rescue. Read on to learn the only things you need to do to master crypto – complete, from Altcoin to Z-Cash.

The Time Is Now To Learn Cryptocurrency

Whenever a new technological revolution begins to take hold, the ones who stand to benefit the most are the ones who catch the wave early. Anyone who was doing anything on the Internet in the mid-1990’s was practically guaranteed to make a fortune. The first ones to figure out the power of social media, smartphones and remote hiring were similarly rewarded by picking the trend before the masses climbed on board. We are currently in a similar phase of outlandish opportunity for those who take the time to learn cryptocurrency.

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Read on to learn the only things you need to do in order to get the equivalent of a master’s degree in cryptocurrency know-how.

1st: Read These Books

Books are amazing. For literally just a few dollars, you can get the collected knowledge of some very smart experts who have spent years gaining their aptitude. In particular, these five cryptocurrency books are the absolute must-reads for anyone who seriously wants to learn cryptocurrency.

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Your education cannot stall, particularly in a field as fast-changing as crypto. You need to be constantly feeding your brain with the latest insights if you want to keep up with the cutting edge.

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3rd: Actually Buy Some Crypto, And Try To Use It

Don’t make the common mistake of attempting to get it all figured out in your head before you try crypto for yourself. You can absorb all the information you want, but your real education only starts when you start to take action.

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Take the following steps to learn cryptocurrency far faster than those who restrict themselves to reading books:

  1. Go to a crypto exchange (such as Coinbase or and buy a little Bitcoin and a little Ethereum. Start small, so that if you make any mistakes, they won’t be too costly.
    2. Get yourself a crypto wallet, and make a transfer from the exchange to this new wallet. Even better, try to find something to spend it on – be on the look out for “Bitcoin Accepted here” stickers at brick-and-mortar merchants, or on websites.
    3. Bookmark the page and start to take notice of how the prices move every day. This will get you interested in the news, and motivate you to learn the differences in Ethereum vs Bitcoin.

Finally: Attend A Cryptocurrency Meetup

If you truly want to accelerate your ability to learn cryptocurrency (or learn anything for that matter) then you must surround yourself with a community who are much smarter and/or more experienced than you are. A quick way to get started is on Facebook groups and online forums.

Joining the cryptocurrency community is a fantastic way to make sure that you are constantly exposed to a strong “mastermind” of people who can aid your own learning. Naturally, the quid pro quo is that you also offer your own experience and share what you have learned. Actually, there is significant evidence that says that says the best way to learn something is to teach it to others.

⏩⏩Get Started With Crypto In Just 7 Days. CLICK HERE To Join The Quick-Start Crypto Challenge! 💡💡

While Internet groups are a decent way of dipping your toe in the water, you will learn cryptocurrency best of all if you are willing to step away from the keyboard and meet other crypto enthusiasts in real life. is the best place to go to find such gatherings. You might also want to try the noticeboards at local startup hubs or co-working spaces, which tend to be fertile ground for people with an interest in cryptocurrency. Remember, you become like those you surround yourselves with.

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