Synopsis: The Internet Of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos is a great book to quickly get up to speed with what Bitcoin is all about, and why it matters. This article is a comprehensive The Internet Of Money book review, from bestselling author Nathan Rose.

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The Internet Of Money Book Review

The Internet of Money is the best book to conceptualize Bitcoin and what it means to the world. It isn’t a practical how-to guide such as The Crypto Intro. Instead, as the book’s Amazon description puts it:

“while many books explain the how of Bitcoin, The Internet of Money delves into the why of Bitcoin.”

The author, Andreas Antonopoulos, is widely regarded as one of the most influential names in crypto. Certainly, he has become the most identifiable face of Bitcoin – especially since we do not know the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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Antonopoulos is a programmer and an information-security expert, so his knowledge comes from a deep place of technical competence. He is also a “Bitcoin evangelist”, presenting on stage at Bitcoin conferences and Bitcoin meetups all over the world, and this book is a collection of the highlights of these talks – with light editing and re-ordering to improve the book’s structure.

Readers will especially enjoy this book if they are starting from square one – The Internet of Money contains no computer code. But this is not a book which is only for beginners – even experienced Bitcoin-ers will get a lot out of it, as Antonopoulos has a way of explaining Bitcoin which is quite unique for its depth and clarity.

The list of people who have provided a positve The Internet of Money book review includes such names as:

  • Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Balaji Srinivasan (CEO,
  • Michael J. Casey (co-author of the respected crypto book The Age of Cryptocurrency)

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internet of money book review

Top Quotes From The Internet Of Money

This The Internet of Money book review has some of the book’s best quotes below. It will give the reader a taste of what they have to look forward to if they choose to read this book. If you were wavering about whether or not The Internet of Money will be a good fit for you and your reading interests, then these highlights will help you to decide.

“What they will tell you is that they’re worried. They’re very worried. They’re worried that criminals will use bitcoin. But the truth is that they’re far more terrified that all of the rest of us will.”

“Six and a half billion people on this planet have no connection to the world of money. They operate in cash-based societies with very little access to international resources. They don’t need banks. Two billion of these people are already on the internet. With a simple application download, they can immediately become participants in an international economy, using an international currency that can be transmitted anywhere with no fees and no government controls.”

“The gatekeepers tell you that this network is not serious. The gatekeepers confuse their payment-network cost for the value of their service. The gatekeepers of the old payment networks will tell you that this new form of payment is vulgar and cheap. It is something that is only used for trivialities. All of the very serious people will remain on the solid, quality payment networks of the past. Because if they can control and restrict the range of expression, they think that means it’s quality. It’s not. It’s just an inflated cost of production. It’s bare naked elitism at its worst. They cling to the medium and fail to see that now the message can be transported over any medium at zero cost, instantaneously.”

“The issue here is that we’re now creating a system that is threatening the largest industry in the world, and that is finance. They are going to object. They are going to push back, and they’re going to use the most common and effective emotional tactic there is, which is fear.”

“Sovereignty was the basis upon which currency could be created, and that currency allowed that sovereignty to be expressed. The monopolistic control of currency is the basis of sovereignty. Now, the internet has a currency. The internet is going to use that currency to create sovereignty.”

The Verdict: The Internet Of Money Book Review

The Internet of Money is an excellent way for the total crypto newbie to quickly get to grips Bitcoin. The Internet of Money is a short read, weighing in at just 123 pages in the print version. Antonopoulos’s writing is edgy and identifies the problems with our current system of money and banking extremely well. The reader will leave this book with their eyes opened, and excited for the disruption to the status quo to come.

Or, if the reader works for a bank, they will finish the book very worried about their career prospects in an industry that people like Antonopoulos are intent on bringing down.

If there is any downside to The Internet of Money, it is that readers are left at a bit of a loose end at the conclusion. There is no information about what the reader needs to do in order to try Bitcoin for themselves. On the one hand, this may seem like a bit of an unfair criticism – The Internet of Money set out to provide the inspiration rather than the nitty-gritty details – still, I am sure that some readers would have been expecting at least a little coverage of the practicalities.

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