How To Crypto

Crypto refers to digital assets, which are secured by cryptography – a branch of computer science which deals with privacy and encoding. Coins/tokens are the individual assets which make up the space; Bitcoin is one, Ethereum is another. They can be used as an alternative form of digital, decentralized, peer-to-peer money – and much, much more.

But these are still early days for crypto. Most of the public finds crypto to be, well, cryptic. Very few can credibly claim to understand how it all works. And among those that do, fewer still are capable of explain it without resorting to techno-babble. Many people are highly skeptical. If that sounds like you, then How To Crypto was written with you firmly in mind.

This book will introduce the moving parts of crypto and how they fit together, and to do so in a way which is accessible to non-technical readers.

Topics include:

  • how crypto works (wallets, keys, mining)
  • picking an exchange, and the signup process
  • wallet security
  • sending & receiving payments
  • different types of crypto
  • forks
  • initial coin offerings
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