Synopis: There are a range of cryptocurrency companies doing all kinds of great things within the bitcoin / crypto / blockchain space. This article names the top 20! Read it NOW to get a comprehensive view of the major movers and shakers within the crypto space.

coinbase logo


Considered to be the most-professional and best-resourced of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase deliberately limits the options to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It does this in the name of preserving simplicity. The Coinbase user interface resembles that of online banking, and if you are in one of their supported countries, is probably the easiest of the mainstream exchanges to get started with.

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cex io logo


CEX.io is a step up from Coinbase in terms of both functionality and complexity. They have more crypto assets to buy and sell (e.g. Dash, Ripple and Z-Cash). Margin trading is available, and they also have the very handy ability to purchase crypto using a credit card. They support more countries too – so if you’re having trouble getting registered on Coinbase, CEX.io is should be your next port of call.

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bitfinex logo


Bitfinex is yet another notch more complicated. The user-interface looks more like something that a stock-trader would use. There’s advanced charting and a huge array of altcoins available to trade. It is one of the cryptocurrency companies that could be a bit overwhelming for a novice – but for the power user, Bitfinex is the place to go.

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circle logo


The Goldman Sachs backed “Circle” allows users to start crypto investing with as little as $1. Their portfolio tracking app is a very nice design. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is one of the cryptocurrency companies that are only open to US residents. Circle recently acquired the crypto exchange “Poloniex”, as a way of improving their reach and crypto exchange capabilities.

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changelly logo


Changelly has a very clean way of transferring from crypto-to-crypto at the market rate, combined with credit card Bitcoin-buying. It’s one of the best cryptocurrecny companies for holding fiat to buy crypto in the first place without too much of the cumbersome identity verification process. Changelly has been endorsed by crypto heavy-hitter Charlie Shrem.

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coinmama logo


CoinMama specializes in allowing users to purchase crypto with their credit card. In their words: “We accept any credit or debit card from VISA or Mastercard”. So you should pretty much have global coverage with Coinmama. Like Changelly, the advantage of using cryptocurrency companies like Coinmama is a far-less difficult signup process to get started (vs the likes of Coinbase or CEX.io)

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purse logo


The idea of Purse is to enable people with crypto to buy products on Amazon. Because Amazon is “the everything store”, it means that anyone can use crypto to purchase just about anything. If you have Bitcoin, you  get matched with someone who has an Amazon gift card who then buys it on your behalf. Purse is a way for those with Amazon gift cards to get crypto, and a way for those with crypto to buy things with it.

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bitpay logo


If you have business and want to start accepting crypto as payment, BitPay is a great solution. They offer a full crypto checkout process that you can install on your website, allowing you to accept Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, and (if you like) securely turn it into dollars.

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local bitcoins logo


Enter your location, and then view other crypto traders in your area who are offering to sell or buy Bitcoin. There are many payment options –  bank deposit, PayPal, and in-person.

In-person is the really unique thing about LocalBitcoins. It facilitates meeting with someone in the real world. The crypto buyer hands over cash, and the crypto seller makes a crypto transfer to the buyer’s wallet. No banks or online crypto exchanges involved.

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cryptocompare logo


The place to go for live, up-to-the second prices of all the major crypto assets. You can see which exchanges the most recent trades occured on, and the screen lights up like a christmas tree with all the greens and reds of price movement up and down. CryptoCompare also offers great reviews of the different coins, exchanges, mining operations and wallets.

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satoshilabs logo

SatoshiLabs (Trezor)

SatoshiLabs is based in Prague, Czech Republic. They make the very popular Trezor hardware wallet – which they call “The original and most secure hardware wallet”. The Trezor device supports most of the major crypto assets, including ERC-20 Tokens.

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ledger logo


Another very well-respected hardware wallet. It connects to any computer via USB and features a secure LED display to allow users to double-check and confirm transactions by tapping the buttons on the side. It requires a 4-digit pin code every time it is plugged in to your computer and has all kinds of advanced technology to enhance protection against malware and ensure privacy.

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keepkey logo


The third of the three hardware wallet cryptocurrency companies on this list. KeepKey secures Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Namecoin. And like the other hardware wallets, there are secure ways of recovering your crypto holdings if your device is ever lost, stolen, or destroyed.

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javvy logo


Javvy’s stated mission is: “To provide an integrated, decentralized exchange platform to buy, sell, convert, use and manage ALL major cryptocurrencies within a truly secure wallet app.” With a patent-pending process, they are seeking to overcome a challenge that many people in crypto can identify with – the fact that existing cryptocurrency exchanges suffer from extreme delays for ID verification.

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spectrocoin logo


Spectrocoin offers a prepaid card, which looks and feels like a bank card – but works for crypto instead. Spectrocoin’s website touts that their card can be used at any ATM around the globe, and in shops as an ordinary payment card. No need to change your cryptocurrency in advance – it will be automatically converted to your choice of US dollars, Euros, or British pounds.

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zenledger logo


Certain governments have recently been flagging their intention to tax gains made on crypto – indeed, we may see them become very aggressive in targeting anyone who tries to use crypto for tax evasion purposes. ZenLedger provides a solution, by aggregating all your transactions, calculating gains and losses, and file your return to stay compliant.

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usebitcoins logo


Usebitcoins.info provides something extremely valuable – an extensive list of organizations which will accept Bitcoin and other crypto as payment for their goods and services! Art, toys, landscaping… you want it, Usebitcoins.info can help you find places where you can use Bitcoin to buy it.

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shapeshift logo


Shapeshift is a great way to instantaneously exchange from crypto-to-crypto. They completely avoid using fiat currency, meaning there are no banks or government-issued currencies anywhere in the system.

In their words, this allows Shapeshift to offer a system with: “No emails or passwords. No lengthy signup process. No accounts. No bid and ask orders. No friction. And no sending money to be held on a centralized exchange.”

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coinlist logo


CoinList are one of the leading cryptocurrency companies who are aiming to be the place-to-be for blockchain startups and investors to connect with each other. CoinList has emerged as a company from AngelList and Protocol Labs collaboration running the Filecoin token sale. It leverages AngelList’s investing infrastructure, and vets the companies on the investor’s behalf.

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satoshidice logo


A fun one to finish this list of the top cryptocurrency companies. SatoshiDICE allows users to gamble Bitcoin Cash in a “provably fair” game of chance. You can choose your own odds (the lower your odds, the greater your payout if you win!). You don’t even need to signup to play – just send your Bitcoin Cash to their special address, and roll the dice!

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