Hi, I’m Nathan Rose

This is the part where I get to write about my personal journey so far.

I studied finance at the University of Otago. Like most of my class, my main ambition was to graduate and become an investment banker. From a young age, I had always found money to be utterly fascinating.

In 2011, I landed a position as an investment banking analyst at Forsyth Barr, in Wellington, New Zealand. I was working long hours, but I was also learning a lot. I was determined to put in my time and prove that I had what it took to forge a successful career in the corporate world.

After a few months, I realized that something was seriously wrong. The job I’d longed for and worked so hard to get was making me unhealthy, unhappy, and dissatisfied. Worse, I looked at my co-workers with more experience, and I saw that they were the same. If I stayed, I would be in their shoes in five or ten years. I didn’t want that life.

Around the same time, I had become aware of the growing trend of “location-independent” business. I saw the Facebook pictures of happy, smiling people in front of their laptops, at the beach, with a cocktail by their side. It couldn’t be worse than my current situation.

And so, one day, I quit. Just like that. I had no real plan, other than I was going to try and make money on the Internet.

The trouble was, I had absolutely no idea how to do it.

They don’t teach you anything at university about how to form a company, where to find customers, how to do a sales call, how much money to charge, search engine optimization, social media… all the skills that I found myself suddenly in need of.

But I stumbled along regardless. In 2015, I made my first basic website on Weebly, had a logo designed on Fiverr, and started phoning people through Skype. After a while, I started getting clients in the equity crowdfunding space – a similar type of work to my old job, but I was doing it on my own terms, while travelling through Europe. It was incredibly thrilling. In 2016, to grow my reach and authority, I wrote my first book.

Along the way, I came to meet a lot of other “digital nomads”, running all kinds of incredible businesses. They come from all over the world, united by their love of freedom and borderless living. This world of online business is the Wild West of the modern day. And for the digital nomads living on the frontier, it is an incredible time to be alive.

Offshore bank accounts. Gunslinging SEO and social media pros. Hacking the system. Automation. Borderless hiring. E-residency. Cryptocurrency. Fortunes being made from the unlikeliest of places. Larger than life personalities. A gold rush.

It is one of the great untold stories of our time. My upcoming book, Citizens of the World, will attempt to capture the essense of this movement, and what it means for the rest of society.

Main Influences

  • Michael Lewis
  • Nassim Taleb
  • Robert Greene

Current Projects

  • Writing books
  • Building my author platform
  • Improving health and fitness
  • Growing international friendships

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