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Chess Opening Names – The No. 1 Bestseller

Where did the names of chess openings come from? 

Have you ever wondered why the “Sicilian Defense” is associated with a Mediterranean island? Ever speculated who the “Evans Gambit” is named after? And what does the “Grand Prix Attack” even mean?

Players everywhere know the names of the chess openings, but far fewer know the incredible back stories behind them. This book presents a captivating romp through the history, characters, and places that have indelibly become associated with the first few moves.

Featuring the origins of all the main chess openings, including the Philidor Defense, the Morphy Defense, the Steinitz Variation, Alekhine’s Defense, the Fischer Defense, the English Opening, the Danish Gambit, the Vienna Game, the Budapest Gambit, the Giuoco Piano, the Orangutan Opening, the Benoni Defense, and dozens more.

This is a book which any chess fan will enjoy, no matter what their level of ability. Prepare to be surprised, amazed, amused and informed.

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