Citizens of the World

The Epic Tale Of The Digital Nomads & Hacking The System

About The Author:

Nathan Rose is a bestselling author (and escaped investment banker) with a strong interest in startups, alternative finance & tech trends. 

He has also written “Equity Crowdfunding” , “Chess Opening Names” and “The Crypto Intro“.

The Upcoming Book By Nathan Rose

Coming in 2020

Quit the 9-to-5, sell all your worldly possessions, buy a plane ticket, and boldly declare that you are going to try and make money on the Internet… armed with only your laptop and your wits.

This is the story of those who pursued this impossible-sounding dream and became Citizens of the World.

These so-called “digital nomads” are Amazon sellers, search engine optimization hired guns, social media darlings, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of borderless commerce. They come from all over the planet, from all walks of life. 

What they all have in common is their relentless pursuit of freedom.

Today, they are running six-figure and seven-figure companies from the unlikeliest of places. Tropical islands in South-East Asia, outposts of the former Soviet Union, and far-flung corners of Latin America. 

They use business models unimaginable a mere ten or twenty years ago. They assemble remote teams from low-wage countries, while selling their products and services internationally. Their lifestyles draw upon the best parts of the whole world.

They are the living embodiment of globalizaion in its most radical form.

Digital nomads often look no different from other backpack-clad vagabonds. They own very little. They appear to be free of worries and cares, on a kind of extended vacation. But don’t be fooled – they are at the cutting edge of the big changes that are in store for society.

Citizens of the World is the epic tale of the 21st century Internet gold rush, told by bestselling author, Nathan Rose. Their often-bizarre business models, their unshakable vision of personal sovereignty, a deep insight into the future they are creating, and inspiration for how you can join their ranks.

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