The New Form Of Crowd-Enabled Venture Capital For Startups

Equity crowdfunding is a new, fresh alternative to venture capital. Millions of dollars can be raised by offering shares in your startup to members of the public.

This book features contributions & case studies from around the world, and shows startups and growing companies how they can use this exciting new fundraising method for themselves.

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Get Started With Crypto

This book explains the problems crypto has been designed to solve, demystifies the bewildering array of terminology that surrounds it, and shows the reader exactly what they need to do to try it for themselves.

Topics include: picking an exchange, wallet security, sending & receiving payments, different types of crypto, forks, and initial coin offerings.

The Secret Lives Of Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs

This is the story of the Internet gold rush. Online entrepreneurs come from all over the world, from all walks of life. What they have in common is their single-minded pursuit of freedom.

This book showcases the often-bizarre ways that digital nomads make money, live outside the system, and how they are reshaping society in the process.

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