Synopis: Every day brings new developments to the cryptocurrency landscape, and those who are serious about the space turn to the top crypto websites to read about what’s going on. This comprehensive list of the 20 best cryptocurrency websites will make sure you stay in the know!

The 20 Best Cryptocurrency Websites Of 2018

coindesk logo


Coindesk is the world’s most extensive digital media website, covering crypto news, events, and information about the entire industry across the spectrum of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Publishes multiple times per day. It should be your go-to for up-to-the minute happenings in the crypto world.

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masterthecrypto logo

BTC Wires

One of the most prolific and best cryptocurrency websites for news, every single day. With journalists and contributors from all parts of the world, BTC Wires has been a prime media partner to multiple blockchain conferences in Europe and Asia, including the London Blockchain Summit and the BitCONme at Dubai. Check out the “Analysis” section of their website for in-depth, timely thought pieces on the state of the market.

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masterthecrypto logo

Master The Crypto

Featuring an attractive homepage and detailed guides to most major aspects of cryptocurrency investing, Master The Crypto is definitely one of the solid cryptocurrency websites. The website’s reviews of initial coin offerings are particularly interesting. Beginners would be well advised to check out their crypto beginners guide too!

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cryptocurrencyfacts logo

Cryptocurrency Facts

Cryptocurrency Facts combines a nice clean website design with good information. You won’t be bombarded by annoying popups on this site  – just solid, actionable information. My favorite part of Cryptocurrency Facts is their list of cryptocurrencies resource, which features a nice concise summary of some of main crypto assets and the differences between them.

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bravenewcoin logo

Brave New Coin

One of the most effective cryptocurrency websites for thoughtful news and insights. One of the best parts of Brave New Coin is that it combines its excellent info with handy tools such as USD <> BTC converters and up-to-date price charts of the major crypto assets – all on the same site.

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investinblockchain logo

Invest In Blockchain

Invest In Blockchain is one of the cryptocurrency websites which will be better suited to those who already have a bit of knowledge, rather than complete crypto novices. Check out their list on the top 8 privacy coins.

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cryptominded logo


Cryptominded calls itself “A curated directory of the best cryptocurrency resources.”, and that really says it all. Their glossary of “all the crypto currency terms you need to know” is a page well worth bookmarking and referring back to anytime you find a word that stumps you – chances are that Cryptominded has you covered.

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bitcoinexchangeguide logo

Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Though the name “Bitcoin Exchange Guide” may suggest that this website limits its scope to cryptocurrency exchanges, it goes quite a bit broader than this. Their signature guide for newcomers to crypto is their “how to buy your first Bitcoin” resource. Dig deep into their site and you’ll find information on wallets, ICOs, and even mining.

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bitcoinist logo


Featuring news and opinion, with a twist. For example, check out “A Crypto Wild West” and “When Two Worlds Collide – Coindaddy and the Rise of Bit-Hop“. But just because Bitcoinist sometimes takes a lighthearted tone doesn’t diminish the quality of what they have to say. It’s a great resource for blockchain industry commentary and education.

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cointelegraph logo

Coin Telegraph

Another of the most highly-respected cryptocurrency websites. Coin Telegraph’s extensive range of contributors are adding content almost hourly. Each of their articles gets tens of thousands of views. If you want to keep up with what most people are reading – right now – then Coin Telegraph is the place to go.

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thebitcoinnews logo

The Bitcoin News

One of the many cool things about “The Bitcoin News” is the price update ticker that runs across the top of the homepage, showing the latest prices of many of the major cryptos. Featuring press releases and in-depth opinion pieces. They have quite extensive coverage of initial coin offerings – check that out here.

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cryptoclarified logo


CryptoClarified is one of those rare cryptocurrency websites that goes both wide and deep. There’s information on crypto games, betting, and even airdrops (plus, a detailed guide explaining what an “airdrop” is!). There really is something on CryptoClarified for absolutely everyone.

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cryptominingblog logo

Cryptomining Blog

The headlines of this site look like this: “New Faster z-enenmy-1.08 X16R and X16S Nvidia GPU Miner Available”. If you are advanced enough with cryptocurrency to know what that means, then the Cryptomining Blog is the perfect place for you. There’s no cryptocurrency 101 content here to distract from the pure stream of detailed cryptocurrency mining info.

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coinsutra logo


The founder of Coinsutra, Harsh Agrawal, has done a great job of compiling a great resource about wallets, exchanges and deals. There is a sizeable community on Coinsutra, including a well-supported forum where users can ask questions and help each other out on the pathway to mastering crypto.

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coinnoob logo


“At Coin Noob, our goal is to make cryptocurrency easy to understand for everyone” is the message that the site touts, and they achieve their goal. There’s news, analysis and interviews across the gamut of the crypto space. It’s hard to put this site into a box, because it just does such a great job of giving visitors a little bit of everything – which is a very good thing.

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cryptopotato logo

Crypto Potato

Another of the cryptocurrency websites with a fairly comical name – but behind the cartoon potato is some pretty impressive technical analysis, market update reports, guides for beginners AND guides for investors. Make sure you don’t miss their ICO list, which is one of the most impressive such resources in the industry.

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bitcoinmagazine logo

Bitcoin Magazine

One of the very cryptocurrency websites – Bitcoin Magazine was around all the way back in 2011, which is an eternity ago when it comes to crypto. This publication has seen it all. Definitely one of the most respected news sources out there. Check out their excellent events list, if you are looking to take your crypto education to the next level and meet other enthusiasts in person.

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newsbtc logo


One of the great cryptocurrency websites for high-quality content. “Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis”, the site says – but there is so much more – including the best online directory of crypto businesses. The education aspect is handled too, for those wanting to learn more about crypto, from beginners to advanced.

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best cryptocurrency websites

99 Bitcoins

99 Bitcoins focuses on evergreen content rather than news, allowing the site to go deeper into “how-to” guides – particularly how to buy on an exchange, how to mine, and how to get setup with a wallet. Something that is very well worth doing is signing up for 99 Bitcoin’s free “Video Crash Course”.

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bitcoincom logo


With a focus on Bitcoin, the world’s oldest and largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.com is able to effectively specialize in news about it – although there is coverage of the other major coins such as Ethereum too. Their homepage features a handy array information which allows visitors to customize their level of expertise, and then get content based on that.

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