Synopis: This article lists the top 20 cryptocurrency podcasts as of right now (ordered alphabetically). Readers can go down the list and find cryptocurrency podcasts that match their level of expertise and particular interests in the crypto / blockchain space.

The 20 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts

a16z Podcast

This is the official podcast of the major Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz. The podcast casts a fairly broad net over the span of software/Internet/blockchain topics, but the cryptocurrency podcasts they have done are among the most-frequently downloaded in the industry.

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B21 Block

B21 Block is hosted by Ravinder Deol, who teaches thousands of students on how to navigate the crypto space. The show has a good mixture of cryptocurrency introduction material, as well as more advanced stuff for those looking to level up their knowledge. Check out the episode “11 Cryptocurrencies Described In 1 Sentence” for one of the most highly-value-packed cryptocurrency podcasts. It can be listened to in under 4 minutes.

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Bitcoin Uncensored

Unfortunately, this show is no longer producing new episodes, but with a back-list of over 100 shows from 2015 to 2017, there is still plenty of valuable content to get your teeth into. At the height of the show’s popularity, Bitcoin Uncensored was published multiple times per week and featured an abrasive, no-bullshit style that wasn’t afraid to tell it like it about Bitcoin facts and current events.

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Blockchain Insider

This podcast goes well beyond cryptocurrency, with a remit that includes the blockchain technology underlying it. As their website says, it’s about “Bitcoin, Blockchain and distributed ledger technology.” The shows are long, with many episodes weighing in at an hour or more. Blockchain Insider manages to accomplish a lot on each episode (including a weekly news roundup), and has landed some great guests including Michael Casey (co-author of The Age of Cryptocurrency).

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Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery hosts much of its content on YouTube (over 100,000 subscribers!) and publishes new cryptocurrency podcasts close to daily. The frequency of publication means that its content can be highly relevant to the moment. The host gives his informed take on the macro picture, as well as technical trading analysis. If you understand charts, shorts, support levels, sell walls, and hedges (or would like to), then Coin Mastery is the show to help you learn cryptocurrency.

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Crypto 101

This podcast calls itself “The Average Consumers Guide to Cryptocurrency”, and it delivers on this promise. They launch 1 – 2 episodes a week, and are rated 5 stars across all major podcasting platforms. They also get into ICOs with their sister podcast, ICO 101. Check out the episode on The Byzantine Generals Problem, for solid information on why Bitcoin was such a breakthrough innovation.

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Crypto Bobby

Another producer whose content is also highly prominent on YouTube (and another of the cryptocurrency podcasts with over 100,000 YouTube subscribers!). Crypto Bobby promotes itself as “the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoin news and what’s happening in this crazy, crazy crypto world.” It’s a great mixture of cryptocurrency trading tips, news, and takes on the current state of cryptocurrency speculation. Visit his website to see exactly what is in his portfolio at any time.

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A highly professional podcast which features interviews with experienced industry insiders, with a focus on the initial coin offering landscape. The series on “12 common sensical questions to ask yourself before investing in an ICO” is especially worth digging into for golden nuggets of advice.

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Daily Crypto

Jose Mota does a highly impressive job with Daily Crypto (even though it is not quite published daily!). The podcast covers a huge range of topics across multiple crypto assets. The interview with David Sonstebo (co-founder of IOTA) is a particular highlight.

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It calls itself “The podcast at the forefront of the decentralized technology revolution”, and on the strength of the guests and production quality, it’s hard to argue. Epicenter gets leading programmers, authors, and entrepreneurs into deep-dive intriguing conversations. Probably not the best place to start for crypto beginners, but great for those who want to master the subject and have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on.

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Invest Like The Best

Invest Like The Best goes beyond cryptocurrency and even beyond monetary investing – this is a show that covers investments of time and health as well. But crypto has clearly caught the attention of Patrick O’Shaughnessy (the host), as it has become a recurring theme. The 3-part “audio documentary” called Hash Power is a great jumping off point for newbies. Notable guests include Chris Burniske (the co-author of Cryptoassets), Fred Ehrsam and Chris Dixon.

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Ledger Cast

Ledger Cast is perfect to learn all about investing in cryptocurrency. As its website says, “It’s a collection of resources, fundamental and technical analysis, and stories on all things crypto. Brian (the host) has a powerful background in software, media and trading, which has helped Ledger Cast gain a solid following in a relatively short space of time. The host’s Twitter profile is also highly worth following for up-to-the-second thoughts.

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Let’s Talk Bitcoin

With a focus on Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency (and still the largest), this is one of the oldest cryptocurrency podcasts, going all the way back to 2013. As you would expect from a show boasting such a long history, just about every topic has been covered. It’s a great place to turn for an update on current events. Andreas Antonopolos makes frequent appearances on the show, which is a real drawcard given he is the most recognizable face of Bitcoin these days.

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Neocash Radio

Based out of New Hampshire, this weekly podcast offers: “special interviews that discuss all the trends relating to cryptocurrencies and monetary economics, as well as the latest blockchain, encryption and technology innovations.” It’s a very well-established show, sometimes broadcasting live from meetups in their local bar! This show isn’t afraid to get political and delve into the wider macroeconomic picture.

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The Bad Crypto Podcast

If you are tired of oh-so-highbrow hosts who seem to take themselves much too seriously, The Bad Crypto Podcast is the antidote. The hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright freely admit that they’re learning crypto as they go along. They’re both down-to-earth guys and have already attracted a sizable following. If you like your crypto served with a side of comedy, this is the cryptocurrency podcast you have been looking for.

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The Bitcoin Podcast Network

The Bitcoin Podcast Network has been going for several years, and amassed over 1 million cumulative downloads. As the name suggests, this is a network of several individual shows that have decided to join forces. They have been graced with a raft of impressive guests including Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver. Their back catalogue is extensive, and offers something for everyone who cares to look.

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The Cryptoshow

If you happen to be in Austin, Texas then you can listen to this show live through the FM airwaves, on 89.1 TXLR every Wednesday and Sunday night. The hosts bring a strongly libertarian bent to their take on crypto goings-on – their home page quips: “Where we’re going, you won’t need banks”, and “Taxation is theft”.

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The ICO Alert Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast is all about initial coin offerings (ICOs). It’s a great way to hear about what’s new on the market, outside the established bigger coins. There are interviews with the founders of upcoming and current offerings, as well as insights from past ICOs with what they learned from the process and updates on how the project has been progressing. Also check out https://www.icoalert.com/ for an impressive central database of past, present and future ICOs.

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The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show does not have a cryptocurrency or blockchain focus, but the author of The 4-Hour Work Week still makes this list of best cryptocurrency podcasts on the strength of one of the top single-episodes of all time. In it, Ferriss interviews crypto experts Nick Szabo and Naval Ravikant, asks the Bitcoin FAQ of a typical beginner, and then carries on the discussion into ever-deeper topics for more than 2 hours (!). The result is a fantastic introduction for the complete crypto novice, as well as a look into the bigger picture of what crypto might be heading in the future. Don’t miss it.

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Have we saved the best until last? Unchained is the most-consistently recommended of the best cryptocurrency podcasts. For one thing, the show is hosted by a real journalist – Laura Shin, Senior Editor at Forbes. You can immediately tell her professionalism and polish compared to other podcasters who have just picked up a microphone and started recording. Unchained consistently gets the big names on the show, and is the “can’t miss” show for many crypto enthusiasts.

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