The Epic Tale Of The Digital Nomads & Hacking The System

About The Author: Nathan Rose – As Featured In

Bestselling author (and escaped investment banker) with a strong interest in startups, alternative finance and technology trends. Over the last few years, I have:

  • Spent time in over 40 countries. I hold legal residency in three of them.
  • Started my own agency, operating entirely location-independently.
  • Self-published several bestselling books.

I believe the early 21st century is the most exciting time to be alive in all of history.

Technological changes have enabled people to hire remotely, do business internationally, and live wherever they choose. They are Citizens of the World – and not in some vague, cultural sense – but in a very real, practical sense.

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The System Is Dead. Long Live The System.

Why Pursue The Digital Nomad Lifestyle? On the face of it, digital nomads are people who appear to be perfectly sane. And yet, they still find their way to make some very unusual lifestyle choices. They quit their jobs, sell most of their possessions, and pack up what...

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